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ESCgov’s experience in technology, financing, and Government Contracting enables us to provide innovative IT solutions to Public Sector customers. Our IT services experience spans 17 years. At ESCgov, we are committed to the quality management system, taking full accountability, and supporting other roles of leadership. Management uses the process approach and risk-based thinking to ensure the management system is integrated into our business processes to achieve the intended results.

We are committed to providing the resources and training needed to ensure an effective quality management system that is necessary for our success and improvement. We provide a work environment that allows our employees to be successful in meeting our customers’ needs. The Quality Policy is established to be the driving force behind our quality management system, and we will continue to ensure that it remains compatible with the context and strategic direction of our organization.

ESCgov, Inc. is certified under The Open Group O-TTPS Certification Program Self-Assessed tier for O-TTPS and ISO/IEC 20243:2018. We were certified on October 16, 2020, and our certification is valid through October 16, 2023. Our early adoption of this voluntary, independent certification highlights our competitiveness in the Federal space as well as ESCgov’s continued leadership in securing the supply chain via our certified Order Management/Fulfillment Process for the Grabba A-Series™ Product Line.