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ESCgov finances the acquisition of Information Technology (both equipment and software) for government agencies, and for the contractors that support their various missions, making IT affordable and accessible by structuring deals that map dollars spent to value received. Together, we’re bringing spiraling IT costs under control and laying a solid but flexible foundation for its ongoing use.

ESCgov provides Information Technology as a service – Traditionally the government pays for every hour expended and every product delivered, anticipating that activity + products somehow translates to value. At ESCgov, we convert activity and products to value on our dime and charge only when that value is delivered. That’s the ESCgov way: lower risk and unprecedented levels of accountability, transparency, and agility.

Financing for the government directly

When financing for the government directly, ESCgov follows the regulations established by the Antideficiency Act and the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). These provisions are widely used to finance IT equipment and software through various government-wide acquisition vehicles including GSA (Schedule 70 SIN 132-3).

Financing for government contractors

In some cases, the government requires contractors to purchase and own IT equipment and software that is then delivered to the government on an as-used basis (as a service). In these cases, ESCgov provides contractors with financing, enabling them to acquire the necessary equipment.

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