Why Use ESCgov’s Capacity Service?

ESCgov offers multi-year capacity service solutions to the public sector that are federally compliant, and vendor-agnostic.

We maintain title to all private-cloud assets, and operate as sub-contractor or prime contractor, spawning a value chain that benefits every contract stakeholder.

How Does Our Capacity Service Solution Work?

Each capacity service is purpose-built from your specifications and requirements. You may deploy it on-site or at the edge – on land, at sea, or in space. ESCgov also offers colocation services with Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and FedRAMP compliance.

ESCgov Capacity Service can incorporate virtually any product set utilizing simple and intuitive charge metrics. The most common are:

Class of Service Typical Charge Metric
Platform as a Service (PaaS) Per core, per MIPS
Network as a Service (NaaS) Per node
Software as a Service (SaaS) Per transaction, per use, or similar
Customized Purpose-Built System Per month, per transaction, or similar

ESCgov’s Capacity Service Benefits

  • Increase Sales: Once a service contract is in place, competition requirement is satisfied, so future upgrades & add-ons are fielded quickly, often with no change to the customer’s monthly service fees.
  • Preserve Business Interests: We source the equipment from the OEM (or designate) using standard OEM terms.
  • Clean Revenue Recognition: We fund the transaction and keep the titles on our books to help the channel preserve cash and avoid accounting issues like embedded leases (ASC842)
  • Eliminates overly restrictive or disqualifying terms from the proposal.
  • Clear, simple, and transparent pricing.
  • Power to express complexity through the lens of a single charge metric.
  • Risk is evaluated, priced, and syndicated.
  • Specifically designed to address budget shortfalls, acquisition delays, and migration/modernization difficulties
  • Risk Reduction: ESCgov accepts risk of termination or underutilization.
  • Improve Cash Flow: ESCgov makes the upfront investment.
  • Accounting Treatment: ESCgov holds title and is responsible for taxes, insurance, depreciation, etc.
  • Small Business Utilization: ESCgov is an SBA defined Small Business