Why use ESCgov’s Private Cloud Solutions?

ESCgov combines the advantages of cloud pricing and scalability with the physical and operational control of an on-premise system.

Get exactly what you need; only pay for what you use. Privacy, security, and control – that’s the ESCgov way.

Where Does ESCgov Fit in the Cloud Market?

ESCgov’s Private Cloud Benefits

A purpose-built cloud from ESCgov is based on your specific needs. Whether you are working
from a set of functional requirements or a specific bill of materials, ESCgov will provide exactly what you require, for your exclusive use, on a cost effective, as-a-Service basis.

Migrating from a legacy system can be seamless, with ESCgov providing maintenance coverage for legacy systems during migration to the private cloud.

The ESCgov private cloud provides a streamlined acquisition approach that empowers contracting officers to control capacity, costs, and technology refresh – all within scope of a single contract with fixed monthly prices for each required unit of capacity.

What we do (and what we don’t)

  • We provide single tenant or dedicated solutions, not multitenant.
  • We offer purpose-built clouds, not general-purpose.
  • We use an as-provisioned charge metric, not metered.
  • We offer both on-prem and hosted solutions.
    • Our hosted solutions can also provide colocation services and shared or dedicated fiber.