ESCgov helps systems integrators win and deliver performance-based IT contracts while reducing risk, preserving cash, and improving financial performance.

As a Service

We assume large up-front expenditures and offer prime contractors flexible “as-used” or “per-transaction” pricing that maps directly to contracted receivables.

This enables prime contractors to:

    • Preserve cash
    • Limit risks associated with contract termination or under-utilization of assets
    • Avoid unnecessarily carrying assets on the balance sheet
    • Consolidate all required assets under a single Service Agreement
    • Satisfy small business utilization requirements

Leasing Services

ESCgov leasing services combine the best of commercial and federal lease programs:

    • We keep our rates low by recognizing the unparalleled credit rating of the Federal Government as the end-user source of funds.
    • We mitigate risks associated with a contract termination resulting from a Government non-appropriation, non-renewal or termination for convenience.
    • We structure flexible, tailored payment options under terms that are straightforward and understandable.
    • We consolidate all required assets, regardless of manufacturer, under one set of Terms and Conditions.

Small Business Acquisition Agent

ESCgov meets the SBA’s Small Business Utilization requirements for pass-through purchases of IT products and services.